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Raincoat red, Female

Model: 550/3SS-2021 F
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Top: water-repellent polyester,

Lining:smooth fabric

The new template has become even more ergonomic.

One-piece contrasting reflective back will make your dog even more visible at night..

The collar is fixated with buttons.

Zipper is on the back.

The double puff is adjustable along the body of the dog,

Excess of the elastic bands can be hidden in special pockets.

(recommended: adjust once at the waist of the dog and tie a knot) .

Cuffs with elastic bands are on sleeves and pants.

Your dog will be protected from the weather and dirt.

For all breeds.


100% Polyester


Care: Hand, gentle wash at 30* without soaking or twisting. Do not squeeze after washing.

A warning: Do not dry near sources of room heating (batteries, radiators).

Changing the coating "under the metal" and the print during operation is not a defect.


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