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Overalls khaki/yellow, male

Model: FW1051/3-2021 M
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Materials used:

top: water-repellent polyester,

lining: plush fur


Advantages: Stylish, practical and warm.

The new pattern has become even more ergonomic.

One-piece back with a reflective print.

The double puff is adjustable around the body of the dog,

and the excess elastic band is closed in a side pocket.

The neck is fixed with buttons.

Zipper closure on the back.

On the sleeves and pants cuffs with an elastic band.

Reflective elements: Stripe on the neck,

and edging along the back.

* this model has no print on the back


Application:For medium and big breeds


100% polyester


Care: delicate machine wash at 30* without soaking do not dry near room heating sources (batteries, radiators)


Changing the print during at exploitation is not a defect


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