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FORMYDOGS - «Best Company of the Year - 2013"

FORMYDOGS Company was awarded the honorary title of "The Best Company of the Year -2013".

The Annual Awarding Ceremony was held as part of the official public recognition of "National Economics Elite"


Main activities:

  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale
  • Import
  • Pet supplies export

ForMyDogs — is a story of like-minded and enthusiastic people, who successfully combine passion for dogs with the ability of implementing their plans and achieving their goals, listening to the dreams of pet owners about making their devoted companions lives better and brighter.

ForMyDogs — is an active team that investigated the the needs and desires of their customers and turned them into unique models that combine elegance and comfort so that every pet is looked the best.


Major achievements of the company:ForMyDogs - the first company in the world to make clothing for dogs comfortable and very popular among owners of all breeds and sizes of dogs

2008/ Output to the Russian market of well-known Chinese brands of clothing and accessories for dogs: IS PET and DOBAZ. 
Result: today a huge number of customers are committed to these brands, the range of which has about 120 models of “Dog Clothes” segment, which is being updated four times a year.

2009/Launching own clothes and accessories for dogs manufacturing in China under the trade mark FORMYDOGS. The result: constantly increasing number of loyal customers of the FORMYDOGS brand, which has become the leader of the company wholesales.

2009/Creating a model of overalls for dogs of small and medium-sized breeds with the function of a complete protection against the cold and unfavorable weather conditions. Template and curves for this model were patented as intellectual development and property. Result: all models of the collection received a lot of positive feedback and dogs owners` delight as models made it possible to combine the elegance, beauty and a functional usage.

The company is constantly expanding its product line of the brand FORMYDOGS, which includes clothing for dogs, footwear for dogs, collars and leashes and other accessories.