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Raincoat with shoes, red Female

Model: 650SS-2022 F
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If you need to take a quick walk with your dog

and there is no time to remove dirt from the dog,

then this raincoat will save you from unnecessary hassle!

It will protect your pet from dirt from the neck to the tail, you won`t even get your paws dirty.

Raincoat made of water-repellent polyester,

improved pattern has become even more ergonomic.

On a smooth lining, without a hood, zipper on the back.

High neck collar.

The zipper closes from the head to the tail, which

makes dressing much easier and faster!

The boots are equipped with two fasteners for a stronger fixation of the paw.

Reflective stripes on the straps.

The sole is rubber.

raincoat size 10 - sole size 2

raincoat size 12 - sole size 2

raincoat size 14 - sole size 3

raincoat size 16 - sole size 3

raincoat size 18 - sole size 4

raincoat size 20 - sole size 5

raincoat size 22 - sole size 5


Reflective elements: edging along the back, stripe on the neck and shoes.


For all small and medium breeds for everyday use.

Highly recommended for show dogs

(quick walking of the dog during exhibitions to keep the coat clean).


Composition: 100% polyester


Care: Hand, gentle wash at 30* without soaking or twisting. Just runoff.


A warning: Do not dry near sources of room heating (batteries, radiators)


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