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Overalls khaki for Male

Model: TDW0151-2023 M
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and a hole for a leash


Materials used:

upper: membrane (polyester+polyurethane film +Teflon).

lining: fleece high quality without static and sintepon


Advantages: Stylish, practical and warm.

The membrane fabric allows the moisture formed inside to evaporate, and does not allow water and moisture to pass outside. Due to its structure, it has important properties that allow the dog not to reduce activity in any weather, while maintaining comfort.

The ergonomic pattern is very convenient and comfortable.

The sew-in sleeves make the dog`s movements even more free.

One-piece backrest.

One-piece neck with zipper on the back,

There are elastic bands on the chest and belt to adjust the tightness of the fit.

Excess elastic bands are closed with a pocket.

Sleeves with an internal elastic band.

Removable hood

Reflective elements: edging on the back and a print on the pants,


Application: For all small and medium breeds


Care: Small dirt from the surface of clothing can be removed with a damp cloth to preserve the moisture-repellent coating for longer.

If there is a lot of contamination, a delicate machine wash is used at 30 * without soaking and pressing,

Wash from the wrong side.

Use special liquid detergents for washing membrane fabrics that do not contain chlorine. Their composition is the safest for the membrane and does not violate the water-repellent coating.

Do not use conditioners, stain removers, or bleach.

Do not dry near room heating sources (batteries, radiators).

Dry only in the straightened form.

After removing the dirt, you can use a water-repellent impregnation in the form of a spray and leave to dry.

Membrane clothing can only be ironed with a warm iron through a towel or other dense fabric without steam.

Membrane clothing is stored in a straightened form in an upright position. In order to avoid dust ingress into the porous structure of the membrane, clothing made of membrane fabrics should be placed in a protective fabric or polyethylene shell.


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