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Overalls-suit, brown fleece, Female

Model: TDW0232-2023 F
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With a HIGH COLLAR and a hole for a leash


Materials used:

High quality fleece without static,

lightweight, warm and unpretentious, retains heat well,

Hygroscopicity and breathability of the material creates a cozy atmosphere for the dog. In such a suit it will not be hot or cold.

The elasticity of the fleece allows you to move freely, while there is no deformation of the fabric, the original shape is preserved.

All joints of the parts are treated with a "flat seam"


Advantages: Warm and comfortable.

All-in-one neck with a hole for a leash

Zipper on the back, closes from the neck to the tail.

There are elastic bands on the belt, for a tighter fit.

Sleeves with soft cuffs for a tight fit to the paw.

The high neck completely covers the dog`s neck.


Application: For all small and medium breeds


Composition: 100% polyester


Care: Delicate machine wash at 30* without soaking

Do not dry near room heating sources (batteries, radiators)


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