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Hat - snood blue

Model: TDSS0030-2023
Size table



A very convenient accessory for dogs with long ears, long hair on the head and fringe on the ears.

It perfectly protects the pet`s fur from external influences.

Intended for:

- for protection from dust, dirt.

- for show dogs, who need to take care of a smooth and beautiful coat on ears for display.

- for home use during meals: the hair from the head and ears does not fall into the bowl

- for walks in the woods and parks


The snood is made of soft fabric that stretches and perfectly passes air and has high wear resistance.

Moreover, in the snood your dog will look like a movie star, shining with sequins!

It has soft thin elastic bands on both sides and in the middle, which stretch according to the shape of the dog`s head and neck.

Length: 32 cm

Width of the upper part: 12-26 cm

Width of the lower part : 15-31 cm

The snood is very light and will not cause inconvenience to the dog.

Very easy to care for.

Before use, it is necessary to wash by hand in warm water 30*


Care: Hand, gentle washing at a temperature of 30 *

without soaking and squeezing.


Warning: Do not dry near room heating sources

(batteries, radiators)

The shedding of sequins during operation is not a defect.

Sequins are non-toxic and do not harm the dog.


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